After years of business experience, do you feel like you “have a book in you?” Filled up countless Post-It notes with your ideas? Eager to get the ball rolling on that book? The Fast Start Author Program was created for business owners like you who want to jumpstart the creation of their “done-for-you” book.

Typically, we invite prospective authors to our offices in Charleston, South Carolina to meet our team, discuss book objectives, and create a detailed marketing plan. This is called an Authority Marketing Blueprint Day, and we strongly recommend it to all of our Members who need marketing assistance.

When you choose a Fast Start, we leapfrog the Authority Marketing Blueprint Day and get started right away on the early steps of creating your book.

After speaking with you, our editorial team creates a detailed plan for your book, called the Master Book Plan. Once you’ve reviewed and approved your book plan, the team will begin creating your publishing agreement so we can begin bringing that book to life!

What To Expect & Next Steps:

What’s included in your Fast Start?

  • 1-hour strategic consultation by phone with our VP of Member Development
  • Between 1-3 hours of phone interviews and reviews with your Master Book Planner
  • 1 custom Book Plan, typically between 15 – 20 pages long, which includes an informed, professionally crafted book outline as well as structural suggestions on vital elements such as chapter structure, target audience,voice, approach and goals